Best 10 days of the year

Automate your donations over the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah, while supporting your favorite muslim organizations in Southern California.

Islamic Center of San Diego

Largest Mosque in San Diego County, serving the religious needs of the San Diego Muslim population and work with the larger community to serve the less fortunate, to educate, and to better our nation.

Masjid Al Ittehad - Vista

Oldest mosque in North San Diego County - Serving the community since 1992. Providing religious, educational, interfaith relations and social services for betterment of humanity..

Tri City Islamic Center - Vista

San Diego North County local communities joined hands together in 2018 and established this central location that can be used as a central hub for all community activities.

Huda Community Center - El Cajon

Community center located in East County, led by Shaykh Mohammed Dhahir - Serving the community by providing religious, educational, and social services, to meet the needs of the Muslims in San Diego.

Islamic Center of Baja - Tijuana Mexico

The Islamic Center of Baja is a mosque located in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. A gathering place to a diverse and dynamic community composed of, among others, indigenous Muslims and immigrants.

Uplift Charity - Orange County

Our focus is to work with some of the most vulnerable members of our local community, specifically those who have recently migrated with little or no support network.

Islamic Center of Eastlake - Chula Vista

Founded in the summer of 2012, by a group of Muslim families from the Eastlake community recognizing the persistent need for an Islamic community center in East Chula Vista.

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